About Us

Eastboys has been in business since 2001.

We have always tried to bring something new into GP market. Our models are nearly always exclusive, never seen young guys, and most of our budget is spent on acquiring the best young models available - for you.

We never purchase 'ready to use' material from content providers, and all material is always produced by us and our own photographers. We believe that this way you are getting best value for your money spent on membership.

On our site you will find more than just plain gay porn, you will also see variety of other stuff, such as body worship, muscle flex, handjobs, group action, reality shows and others.

We now have about 1000 of videos (most over 15 minutes long), and tens of thousands of hi-res photos, all available for viewing. All videos produced in last 6 years were done in HD and hi-res version is available on site.

Please refer to our Q & A for more information.

Our goal is to provide you with enough high quality material that you will never have need to join another GP site again!