Jared Shaw - Workout and Flex

Featuring: Jared Shaw
16:21 minutes of video
Added 08.03.2018
Jared Shaw - Workout and Flex Jared Shaw - Workout and Flex
Jared Shaw - Workout and Flex

Oh Gentlemen, we have a nice present for you, eye candy opportunity which does not present itself very often! Eastboys is proud to present Jarred, calisthenic (body weight) expert, whose body is athletic perfection worthy of an Olympic athlete. Jarred is muscular and ripped, with true 8-pack, with biceps so hard I wish you all could feel it, really. Not just that, Jarred is also confident and cocky, proud of his awesome body, yet friendly and funny as well, and will speak to you in English with cute accent. "Put smile on your face and muscles on your body" is his favourite phrase! Cancel evening plans, relax in your lazyboy, and ENJOY! (And yes, there will be more!)

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