Can I download videos (or photos) from your site or just watch streaming?

You can download videos in several formats and quality levels (DivX, MP4, Quicktime and WMV, in 1500K and 3000K bitrates, and many recent videos in full HD quality 1920x1080). You can stream clips in above formats plus flash.

How many videos and photos are available and at what quality?

There are approximately 1000 videos (most 20 and some up to 40 min length each) and some 60,000 photos. All videos produced in last 5 years are available at high resolution (1280x720) and many are available in Full HD 1920x1080 format.

What if I join and then cancel in few days, will I get a refund?

If you were able to log on, view and download content, then NO. Some people anticipate, that they will join for a day, have their fun, and cancel, expecting a refund for the remaining 'unused' days. As with most monthly memberships, it is understood that you will not use the facility all the time. If everyone did that, costs would sky-rocket and pricing for any such service would have to be very different. So- if you joined and viewed or downloaded content, please do not ask for and expect a refund.

Can I get a refund if I do not like content of your site?

While we can in certain cases issue a refund, please understand that we are not Wal-Mart, where you buy a shirt and if it does not fit, you will get a full refund. All our product is displayed on free pages in shortened form, so everyone can decide whether they like this material or not BEFORE committing to join.

Can I share my username/password with friends?

No. As a member please protect your username and password. If system detects password sharing you will get permanently locked out.

How many videos can I download in one day?

While there is a bandwidth limit it is quite generous and fully sufficient for normal use (12GB/day). If you used automated downloader or went over this limit you will experience 24hrs lockout.

Do you have all content available online, or do you 'rotate' content as many other sites do?

All our content is always available. You can view and download anything (subject to 12GB/12 hours download limit). Theoretical daily limit is 36GB – if you time downloads properly. Please note that streaming also counts as use of bandwidth.

Can I use my smartphone or other mobile device (besides PC/Mac) to access the site?

Yes you can. (However we cannot guarantee that access will work with every device on the market, nor we have manpower to troubleshoot problems related to your specific hardware).

I am getting an error trying to access the site, what can I do?

Login may fail for the following reasons in general: Expired membership, credit card failed to rebill, mistyped username or password several times, password sharing or bandwidth abuse. Please learn more at....

Can I meet your models?

No. By law we are bound to protect identities of our models.

Is my billing information secure with you?

We do not have access to any personal data. Our billing is handled by CCBill. CCBill is most trusted billing solution available. Please learn more at www.ccbill.com .

What is the difference between 'One month' and 'recurring' memberships?

Recurring membership has a special rate reserved for members who wish to join for more than one month. One month membership is slightly more expensive at standard rate, but will expire automatically after a month. Please decide which option works best for you before joining.